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  • Wou ik even met jullie delen
  • I just wanted to share with you

Hi EMR Photography

I found your profile on YouPic and was wondering if you’d be interested in having your flower pictures featured on my Flower Pictures gallery on TSU.

I curate a gallery on the new social network, and am approaching photographers and artists whose work I admire and who may benefit from greater exposure.

The gallery has been running for 8 months and has more than 200 contributors from around the world. It has in excess of 3500 followers, and this figure is growing every day. I share a maximum of 12 images per day, so there is a great opportunity to showcase your work to a wider audience.

There is no fee involved, you retain complete ownership of your images (what you share is entirely up to you) and you can include a link to your portfolio.

If this is of interest, please connect directly at

If you’d like more details please refer to

Thanks for you consideration and look forward to seeing moore of your work.

Kind Regards,


Best Fraser,

Thanks for you post, I appreciate that for sure, I’ve been very busy, and do to many races around the world I will think of you when I have more time.

Best regards,
EMR Photography


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